About Flashat App

Flashat is a Freemium Communication smartphone App that combines Instant Messaging and Social Media. It is an innovative concept for users to interact and socialize smartly with exceptional features which will enhance the relation between users and their futuristic living style.

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Version 1

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Releasing in August 2020.
New and innovative Encrypted Instant Messaging Mobile App with Audio and Video advanced calling features. Flashat introduces Huddles for the first time in the history of Apps, Huddles are places created and controlled by users for users.

Version 2

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Flashat Version 2 comes with more excitement by adding Public Huddles where users can create a Huddle for any interest and welcome all users without limitations to join and participate. Another amazing feature is allowing users to exchange encrypted Instant Messages with anonymous users without disclosing or exchanging phone numbers.

Version 3

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Flashat Version 3 will make an outstanding change in the use of Apps, that is by adding SOCIAL key for users to experience a new way of socializing with value for users time and efforts.